Published author. Kung-fu artist. Serial interviewer.

"A business owner should be seen as a credible expert with value to add to their niche industry."

12-minute Podcasts With Passionate Performers!

12 Minute Podcasts

with Scott Cundill

12Jayson O’Reilly from Vance Cyber

"Why Cyber Security is a Specialist Service and Always Will be."


11Wale Arewa from Xperien

"Information and Compliance Officers are FREAKING OUT Over Non-Compliant Old PC's That are Piling up in Storage"


10Brett Atherstone from Hubble

"Why an Uber TRIP is the Ultimate Marketing Opportunity - Brand Managers Take Notice"


9Pippa Capstick from Trial Run

"Marketing Directors: What if the Netflix Model coud be the Next Marketing Disruptor"


8David Wilson from Participate Technologies

"The Secret Weapons of an Event Organiser"


7Rahul Patel from Technites

"Where 'oh Where are my Sub-contractors??!! - A CTO's guide to dealing with a field workforce"


6Simon Thomas from Ridgefield Consulting

"HMRC Gearing up to Challenge Biotech R&D Tax Credits"


5Eric Edelstein from Dokka

"Why Every Bookkeeper Deserves Their Own Robot"

4Adrian Harvey from Elephants don't Forget

"L & D Managers: Employee... or Machine?"


3Joseph Pusztai from Cubewise

"TM1, Transcended"


2Karen Ferreira from Impact Explainers

"Environmental Managers: Environmental Videos are Going Viral!"

1Sandra Beswick from SB Associates

"Hanging off a Cliff by your Toenails... Is Your Construction Company about to Fail?"

A Global Speaker and Writer

With two bronze medals at the Kung-Wu World Championships in China, Cundill’s rich base of experience, spanning the business, technology and marketing worlds coupled with his very bold opinions, has made its mark in local media and speaker circuits.

He has appeared on TV countless times and has written dozens of articles. He is also a published author, including “The Captivating One-liner” and is currently the CEO of

Scott has done a TED Talk and his most popular articles are:

  1. Trapped in the Gap!
  2. How My Employees Bring in Sales Without Lifting a Finger
  3. LinkedIn Automation and Email Marketing... a LETHAL combination

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