Kung-Fu meets Business

Your first priority is not to sell stuff. Your first priority is to build relationships.

To generate amazing sales, STOP SELLING!

Firstly, I will position you as an industry expert, thought leader and trusted advisor. Secondly, I structure a content plan around this positioning strategy. Thirdly, I break this content into little pieces and weave it into a series called a Journey. Fourthly, I use Majestic3 technology to market your Journey across your network and our network.

The result: a 12%-24% response rate!
(That’s 2000% higher than industry average)


A Global Speaker and Writer

Cundill’s rich base of experience, spanning the business, technology and marketing worlds coupled with his very bold opinions, has made its mark in local media and speaker circuits.

He has appeared on TV countless times and has written dozens of articles around the world. For snippets, see here.

Many of his articles are re-published on his LinkedIn profile.



Who is Scott Cundill

With 18 years of experience in the internet communications field, Cundill researches and pioneers communication and technology solutions that have proven potential to change the face of business. Fiercely authentic with a drive – he is passionate about empowering any kind of business with the technology to inspire and cultivate sincerity and relevance through original, personalised customer journeys

Scott is a published author, international kung-fu medallist and prolific speaker. He is currently the CEO of Majestic3.com.

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